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Pottery as tea utensils

Pottery for daily use

Pottery as decoration


I started to make pottery with my daughter 20 years ago. Since then, I have been fascinated by the beauty of it, and it became a part of my life.

There are several reasons why I love pottery.

One of them is the silky texture of clay that would cool down the heat in my palm which makes me feel relaxed.

The second is the mysterious transformation of pottery by going through firing--from the smooth soft materials to solid bodies.

The third is the fact that it can sometimes lead to a meditation state by concentration on throwing pots.  It is actually the best way to get rid of other thoughts.

The most thrilling part of the whole pottery's process is opening a kiln.
After waiting for a long time, we finally would be able to know how fire worked for the clay and the glaze of pottery. The moment is so exciting.

Because of these reasons, the more I am into pottery, the more fascinated I become by it, so that I would never be able to stop making pottery.