Pottery as Utensils of the Tea Ceremony

     There are various utensils used in the preparation and service of the tea ceremony. 
     Especially utensils made of pottery hold an important place in tea utensils. 
     I have been making them for a long time for my mother who is a teacher of the tea ceremony. 


            Mizusasi (water containers)

A jar( mizusasi ) filled with fresh water is displayed on dougu-tatami ( the tatami-mat for tea utensils ) as the tea is prepared. And the water in mizusasi is added to the kettle to keep hot water at suitable temperature. The end of the tea gathering  the jar is filled with fresh water again.



Cha-ire (containers for the powdered tea)

These utensils contain powdered green tea for making thick tea( koicha) and
wear fine silk clothing ( sifuku ) showed at the right.

clay and glaze: Hagi

clay and glaze: Raku


    Chawan (tea-bowls)

There are some differences of the shape and the thickness of tea-bowl in compliance with purpose.Tea-bowls for making thick tea are basically thicker and deeper than bowls for thin tea.

 A tea-bowl for a thick tea ( glossy black glaze )

A bowl for a thick tea ( Sino )

A bowl for a thin tea ( clay: Bizen )

A bowl for a thin tea ( matted black glaze )  hira-chawan


Futaoki (Rests for the Kettle Lid)

These futaoki are used to put some tea utensil such as lid of kettle, hishaku ( ladle ) or chakin ( linen cloth ) in summer season.

a lid of a kettle on futaoki

a ladle on futaoki


          Kensui (Rinse-Water Containers) 

The host rinses chawan with water and discard it to kensui which is waste water receptacle.

The top is Mizusasi
The second right is Chaire (wearing a clothing) and the left is an arranged Chawan

The following is water utensils. There is Futaoki which is a rest for kettle lid inside of Kensu
These utensils for making tea are placed by a host before serving tea showed as the above.


Kougou ( container for incense ) 

kougou made of pottery are used to contain the moist and kneaded incense in Ro season ( from November through April )  as the fire is built. Small three lumps of the incense are put on the fire or charcoal after building  fire.

kougou in a charcoal container

inside of kougou and the lid


Kasiki ( Containers for Sweets )

Some sweets would be served for guests as the tea is prepared

Hanaire ( Vases of Flowers)
A vase in Tokonoma

The flowers in a vase is displayed in tokonoma ( alcove ) 
as a tearoom is prepared for a tea gathering.
These flowers in vases are arranged by my mother 
who is a teacher of the tea ceremony.

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