Pottery for Daily Use

I made these potteries for my family as daily use.  Such potteries as sake goods, vases for flowers, bowls for side dishes or teacups make our life a little bit colorful. 


                               Tokkuri (sake bottles)and Guinomi (sake cups)

My father-in law was a man of refined tastes about Japanese art especially pottery. He gave me a warm and meaningfull advices and encouraged me about pottery works.
He  relished sake with a sake -cup and  appetizers in  bowls I made, so that I tried many times to make some sake bottles, sake cups and bowls for him.

A set for sake which was the most favorite one of my father-in-law
( clay: Bizen, which some parts are covered with ashes )


A set for Sake : Tokkuri and Guinomi (clay:Bizen non-glaze)


    Bowls for relishes

A bowl for appetizers
clay and glaze:Sino and Oribe

A bowl for tumami( side dishes ) 
clay and glaze:Kiseto


Yunomi ( Cups for green tea ) for my family

Each member of my family has own yunomi which suits each taste.



   Flower vases

Small vases for alcove shelves( chigaidana ) in Tatami_room


A small (2inches) vase


Flower vases for the alcove( tokonoma ) in my tea room


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