Preparing and Serving Tea


 Setting the Utensils for Tea-Making 

(In this case a host doesn't use any tana).

Mizusasi is set on Dougu-tatami (Tatami mat where utensils are placed) in a  tea room ahead of the tea ceremony. The host enters the room with Chawan(a tea bowl
and Usuchaki (a tea container) and put them in front
of the Mizusasi
The host reenters the room with a set of water utensils and put it on the left of the host.
The position the host sits is in front of Mizusasi
Chawan holds Chakin(a white linen cloth), 
Chasen(a tea whisk) and Chashaku(a tea scoop) in it.
Kensui holds Hishaku(a bamboo water ladle) and Futaoki (a rest for the kettle lid) in it.


The way to purify tea utensils for making tea

Usuchaki(a thin tea container) is purified with Fukusa(a silk cloth) Chashaku(a tea scoop) is also purified with Fukusa Chasen(a tea whisk) is examined and rinsed Chawan is dried with Chakin
(a linen cloth)


Serving Usucha (thin tea) for guests individually

Two scoops of powdered tea are put into the bowl. Then hot water is ladled into the bowl. The powdered tea and the hot water are whipped into a fine froth with a tea whisk. The thin tea is offered to a  guest. 




Serving sweets for guests

Before serving tea, some sweets are offered and passed around for guests. Each guest places a sweet on her Kaisi (a paper napkin) and passes the remaining sweets to the next guest. Each guest does the same way.

Serving tea for guests

The main guest takes the tea bowl and places it between her and the next guest. Continuously she bows and says, g thank you for letting me have the tea before youh. The guest takes the bowl with her right hand and  places it on her left plam and bows slightly to@express thanks. The guest tastes the tea at
a draft and admires it and drinks it until the last sip.


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