The preparations of the tea room (at Chisen-an)

The tea is prepared in a specially designated and designed room called chashitu (a room for tea ceremony)


The host cleans the tea room and places kakejiku (a hanging scroll) in tokonoma (an alcove).
After putting the scroll, the host would put arranged seasonal flowers in front of the scroll.


The host prepares Tana (a stand for tea utensils) next. This stand holds Natume (a  container for thin tea) on the second shelf and Mizusasi (a water container) on the bottom shelf. Natume is filled with powdered green tea and Kensui is filled with fresh water by the host. There are a  variety of stands for the tea. When the host does not use any Tana, Mizusasi is usually placed on Tatami-mat directly.


         The Preparation of hot water in Ro (a sunken hearth)

Building a fire with charcoal in Ro 

Before guests gather, the host builds a fire with charcoal in a sunken hearth.

Preparing hot water in Kama (a kettle) 

Then, the host places a kettle on a trivet in the sunken hearth and boils it for the tea.


Za-Bouki (feather sweep)

After setting the kettle, the host sweeps Dougu-tatami (the place near the sunken hearth) with Za-bouki (a feather brush).

The tea room completed the preparations

The host now has prepared everything for the tea ceremony.
Then each guest enters the room, steps forward to the Tokonoma, sits down in front of it, and places his/her Sensu (a folding fan ) betweem he/she and Tokonoma. He/She makes bow formally and admires the scroll, the flowers and the flower container displayed in Tokonoma and takes a seat.


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