Seasonal displays at my house

        Early Spring



  SETUBUN (means the turning point of the seasons ) 

This event is a traditional ceremony to dispel demons on 3rd or 4th of February.
On Setubun, my family members scatter beans inside and outside house to drive demons out. This performance is called Mamemaki  and means to ward off evil and to call in good luck.
After Mamemaki, it was costomary for us to eat the same number of beans as our age to pray each health and happiness when my childrenr were very young . Now it is hard to eat beans as our age.




HINA-MATURI (Festival for girls on the 3rd of March

 Literally doll's festival is also called Momo no Sekku which means peach's festival.

At the beginning of March we celebrate girl's festival.
Wishing girls good luck, we decorate the peach blossom and dolls. 
Around this season  we feel  spring is coming close by us.

These Ohinasama were presented me by my parents when I was born. During the World War‡U, they were evacuated from the citytown to the countryside. During the time I lived in Boston, my parents looked after them carefully, as a result these dolls keep a good condition still now.





 Indoor, outdoor Plants   

Spring has come  everywhere and Some plants wintered over and made their comeback.


 new year   summer&fall  winter&christmas

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