Seasonal displays at Chisen-an in Furo Season

g Furo seasonh means summer from May though October 

During this season we use Furo(a charcoal brazier) to@prepare hot water for tea. As it is easy to remove Furo we replace its position according to the season-closer to the guests when the season is colder, and farther away from the guests when it is warmer.
Kama: a kettle
Furo: a charcoal brazier
Siki-ita: a board for the brazier


Chashitu ( a tea room ) in Furo-season

This is a scene of Chisenan in summer.

From the right to the left; Tokonoma, a cover of Ro, Tana (a stand for tea utensils), Furo (a brazier).  In Tokonoma a scroll and a variety of seasonal flowers in a basket are displayed. Ro (a sunken hearth) is covered with a wooden board. Furo is placed on the left side of Tana.


Chabana (The flowers for Tea Ceremony) 

During Furo season when the weather is warmer, more varieties of flowers are usually arranged in baskets than those in Ro season in vases. 

In May

In June

In July


In September

In October


TANA (The stands for tea utensils) and SIKI-ITA (The boards for the charcoal braziers and utensils) in summer season

If a host wants to use Tana in this season, it is placed on the right of a brazier. The position of a brazier is away from the guests. Siki-ita is occasionally used to display tea utensils instead of using Tana (stand)

In May

All of utensils for making tea and a brazier are placed on NAGAITA ( a long board ).

In June


In July 


In September 


In October

A brazier on a board is placed at the center of tatami-mat in this month. 


CHA-GASI (sweets )

in summer season

      Sweets in June

The lace-worked container like this is used only during a hot season.

      Sweets in July

The basket is shaped like a sea shell is used for sweets which also shaped as sea shells.

   Sweets in May

Manjyu,a sweet bun, stuffed with azuki, red-bean paste.
Manjyu is often used for tea gathering.

      Sweets in September

Each manjyu is shaped like the moon with a  rabbit on it. 

      Sweets in October

These sweets are made of beans and sweet potato that are harvested in October.

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